Face biometrics - A tool for identity authentication as well as an approach to privacy protection

Project synopsis

A man looking at a photo of himself on an iPadFace biometrics has been used intensively as a tool to identify individuals. However, this has ignited concerns about the individual(s) identifiable in a recording.

The University of Hertfordshire team has carried out research work in:

Achievements so far

  • Six peer-reviewed research papers published
  • A patent application submitted and entered the second stage
  • A KTP project sponsored by Innovative UK
  • Management Committee Members of COST Action IC1206
  • Committee Members of the JPEG IST/37 (where a new activity ‘Privacy and Security’ was launched in Sept 2015).

More information

Please contact Lily Meng (L.1.Meng@herts.ac.uk) if you have any queries or would like to find out more about the face biometrics project.