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MD simulation dendrimersThe Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry Research Hub, led by Prof. Mire Zloh, is focusing on the research in broad areas related to development and characterization of therapeutics and other molecules important for health and well-being. Our group offers a wide range of services to industry partners via collaborative partnerships or routine analysis.

The focus of medicinal chemistry research is on the utilisation of computational approaches to design novel molecules with a potential to exert desired biological activity and develop innovative routes for their synthesis.

We have currently identified lead molecules targeting pancreatic cancer, as well as hit molecules with inhibitory activity of efflux pump in multidrug resistant bacteria and proton pumps in fungi. The members of the team are involved in the collaboration to design and synthesise agents with antioxidant activity and those that influence nitric oxide (NO) generation. Other areas under investigation are the isolation, structural elucidation and synthesis of natural products of pharmacological interest, together with the synthesis of peptides and heterocyclic compounds.

MD simulation dendrimersIn pharmaceutical analysis, research is focused on method development using separation science techniques (e.g. GC, HPLC, CE, chiral chromatography, LC-MS/MS and GC-MS) and structural elucidation of drug degradation products, metabolites in biological fluids and plant extracts. This involves using NMR and MS, together with atomic spectroscopic techniques, Raman spectroscopy and other vibrational spectroscopies. The ICP is used for trace metal analysis in pharmaceutical products and herbal remedies, and for the supply chain analysis of new psychoactive substances. The experimental analyses of intermolecular interactions between host and guest molecules are used to guide sensor development for the identification of selected new psychoactive substances.

Furthermore, members of the group are leading nationally and internationally recognized projects in chemistry and pharmacy education research, and have developed innovative methods to help students bridge the gaps in their understanding of chemistry concepts. Novel teaching methods are used to assess student practical skills and incorporate technology using a student collaborative online wiki that encourages critical reflection, utilising the student collaboration Peerwise tool and sharing video resources to enhance understanding of conceptually difficult topics.

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Current Projects

Drug Discovery

  • Anticancer drug discovery
  • Antimicrobial drug discovery
  • Antifungal drug discovery

Detection and Analysis

  • Sensor development
  • NPS analysis
  • Drug degradation

Computer Aided Molecular Design

  • Drug solubility prediction
  • Protein formulation modelling
  • Polymer modelling

Education in Chemistry

  • SChemeS
  • Peerwise

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