Studying for a business PhD

Hertfordshire Business School offers PhD programmes broadly in 7  subject areas both in full-time (3-4 years) and part-time modes (6-8  years).

  • Business Management and Strategy
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Employment Studies / Human Resources Management
  • Management Science and Information Systems
  • Project management

Research environment

The PhD students in the Hertfordshire Business School benefit from a vibrant research environment, including the following:

  • The School provides access to a world class Information Resource System, including electronic off-campus access.  These include access to national and international databases as well as world-wide bibliographic resources.
  • We hold weekly Research Seminar Series in which external and internal academics present their recent research. These are open to all PhD students for participation and presentation.
  • Regular Progress Workshops are organized for PhD students to discuss their work, challenges, advancement and receive feedback and advice from their peers as well as academics.
  • Business School PhD students submit papers and participate to the biannual Research Student Conference organized by the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Research Institute of the University.
  • The Working Paper Series of the Hertfordshire Business School provide an important platform for PhD students to publish their work and reach wider audience.

Research training opportunities for PhD students

PhD students at the Hertfordshire Business School benefit from numerous standard and tailor made research training opportunities offered at various levels. For example, the University offers a comprehensive annual Research Training Programme for all research students. These cover a series of training sessions in three essential areas:

  • Training in Research Methods
  • Training in Research Skills
  • Training for Research Planning, Completion and Dissemination

Subject specific training is provided by the faculty through progress seminars for PhD students, one-to-one training by the supervisory team, referrals to postgraduate courses offered internally, or externally where feasible and available. Each PhD student has a supervisory team of at least two academics with expertise in his/her subject area and supported by regular face-to-face supervisory meetings in the course of their programme.

Support for PhD students

The PhD students have an office with desks, networked computers, shelves and filing cabinets, a printer and a phone. The location of the room provides easy access to their supervisors, school research tutors and other research office staff.

The social spaces in the faculty (e.g. coffee shops, refectory, the Sports Village) are also nearby. Timely IT and Technical Support is also available on campus when needed.

Moreover, all PhD students benefit from academic and administrative support provided by two dedicated school research tutors and two research degrees administrators.

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