Organisations, Markets and Policy

Based in the Business School, the Organisations, Markets and Policy research group (OMP) is convened by Professor Hulya Dagdeviren and Professor Geoffrey Hodgson. The group conducts research on:

  • firms, corporations and other business organisations.
  • financial institutions and financial markets.
  • labour and product markets.
  • public services and utilities.

Our research on Organisations, Markets and Policy is based on a number of distinctive perspectives in Business Studies (including Economics, Finance and Management). First, it draws on the strengths of the research cluster which adopts and develops an institutional and evolutionary approach to the study of business organisations. Second, drawing on critical political economy and social policy, we investigate the social consequences of the ways organisations and markets operate (e.g. income and wealth inequality) with a view to develop policy solutions.

The scholars in this group have expertise and interest in the following areas:

  • The nature, evolution and governance of business organisations
  • Structure, governance and performance of organisations and markets
  • Critical perspectives on finance and accounting, including studies of financial cooperatives, financialisation, performance convergence, and governance and accountability.
  • The socio-economic outcomes of business and market operations

OMP’s researchers produce theoretical, applied and policy-orientated work, using interdisciplinary approaches to business, economics and political economy.

Our work is international in scope, with colleagues focusing on the UK, Europe, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, as well as focusing on the global economy.