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A compelling vision

This Enterprise and Value group contributes internationally excellent and world class research to worldwide discussions on how to enhance value creation processes in the global economy. The group has been formed out of the Marketing Insight Research Unit (MIRU)) and the Finance and Accounting Research Unit (FARU).

Value is a multi-faceted and nuanced concept. Value identification and creation of value propositions are activities at the core of the global economy. Technology, information, and productive capacity combine to create valuable outputs. Globally, financiers, marketers and economists are working together on drivers that reconfigure resources and deliver value propositions for consumers to use in their everyday lives. The enterprise is the entity which offers value propositions. It also provides a useful lens to explore the notion of organisational purpose (values), including both for-profit and social ventures. The Group approaches brands from different functional and disciplinary angles including not-for-profit brands such as destination and resident ‘brands’.

We work on two interconnected yet distinct topics to develop applied insight into enterprise and value:

Enterprise to create value propositions: Perceived value, often framed as value-in-use, is a key aspect of this topic. We look at understanding the consumer experience in the customer-enterprise interaction – whether direct and personal; indirect and mediated by the internet; in a dyad or in a network of stakeholders. The global economy is increasingly an experience economy. How value is created, where it is captured, used and re-configured in this area of the economy, including social ventures, is another aspect of this topic.

Enterprise to measure and capture value: Financial valuation, financial leverage, and financial sustainability represent core challenges for the modern business enterprise and not-for-profit organisation. A key aspect of this topic of research involves examining the accumulation of different asset classes (e.g. intangibles, brands etc.), asset reconfiguration in the post-industrial economy and their contribution to value-creation in rapidly changing financial and consumer markets. This focus on global/systemic productivity is carried out by constructing conceptual frameworks and appropriate methodological approaches for examining financial leverage, sustainability and economy.

A vision for our work

The group makes a key contribution to the following UH strategic objectives:

  • enhancing relationships with business and industry
  • providing expert teaching informed by research, business and the professions
  • creating and developing innovative ideas, products and processes
  • fostering and strengthening research with global partners
  • demonstrating and promoting our positive social, cultural and economic impact
  • attracting and developing outstanding people

Members of this group work within an enabling culture that encourages creative, collegiate and innovative academics to interest themselves in addressing complex contemporary challenges in crafting and shaping enterprise and value, through teaching, research and wider engagement. We are aligned with ‘responsible enterprise’, through the School’s membership of the PRIME programme. We value integrity. We nurture colleagues travelling on the research journey from doctoral student to professor. Together we contribute to UH values by aspiring to be ambitious, collegiate and enterprising.

Currently members of the group are engaged in practice, in teaching and in empirical and policy research. Members use the full range of methodologies in their work.

Examples of current research projects

Members of the group are engaged in a number of projects, within the broad areas of tourism and events, social marketing, franchising, industrial marketing and corporate performance. Examples of recent funded projects include:

  • ‘Innovation by stealth: Paths to innovativeness in franchise networks' (BA/Leverhulme)
  • ‘Older people's perceptions and experiences of strengths and vulnerabilities across UK food system’. (ESRC and FSA)
  • ‘The impact of facial expression on consumer diet self-regulation: An emotional contagion approach’ (British Academy of Management)
  • ‘The impact of group arts participation on social identity and inclusion: A study of collective memory formation in the over 70s in rural North Yorkshire and Rural Hertfordshire’ (competitive UH Research Grant)

PhD students are valued members of our research community. We particularly welcome applications in the following areas:

  • Social franchising
  • Social marketing
  • Events (sociological and psychological impacts)
  • Responsible tourism

We encourage potential applicants to browse the list of the group members (below) to get more information about their areas of expertise.

Group members

Group Leader

Other group members

Members of the Marketing and Enterprise Department with time allocated to research are:

The group also comprises a number of staff who are undertaking doctoral studies:

  • Diane Morrad – her study explores the extent to which entrepreneurial owner managers consciously develop a brand orientation, and their brand management practices
  • Joel Shahar – his study explores aspects of leadership in education (Birmingham University)
  • David Shaw –  his study explores how the creation and maintenance of partnerships contributes to national social marketing campaigns in England (Open University)