Information and Security

  • Ethics of Policing

    Ethics of Policing

    Professor John Lippitt, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion in the School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire, discusses the complex ethical dilemmas faced by the police, their relation to some key virtues, and the work he is doing with Hertfordshire Constabulary on the national police Code of Ethics.

  • Restorative Justice

    Restorative Justice

    Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy, Senior Lecturer in the Hertfordshire Law School at the University of Hertfordshire, talks about research on restorative justice, a new intervention in the criminal justice system that redresses the power imbalance between the victims and the offender with potential to secure victims’ rights and enable a form of closure.

  • Toxicological Sciences

    Toxicological Sciences

    Listen to Professor Robert Chilcott talk about Toxicological Sciences in this short video.