In support of this website on Research Data Management, these training resources highlight the key issues surrounding data management. You can find slides, notes, and advice for each of the topics on this site in generic forms, with examples for each discipline.

Discipline guidance

The majority of this site provides generic advice, tools, and training for researchers at the University of Hertfordshire. However, we understand that every one's research is different and every subject has different procedures for managing research data. Our discipline specific advice highlights the most important RDM factors for each research institute. 

Case studies

These case studies describe the standard steps in a project's lifecycle for the subjects researched at the University of Hertfordshire as well as highlighting the key issues faced and how they may be resolved.

RDM training modules

Research data management can be broken into lifecycle themes for a more bite-size approach. We have therefore produced slides, training notes, and activities for RDM which can be combined into one day-long workshop, or as separate modules on RDM.  

RDM courses

Within the University we run Generic Training for Researchers (GTR) sessions on encryption and data management as well as RDM for researchers within the research institutes. However, there are many external resources, workshops, and online modules to help you understand your data management requirements. Read more on RDM courses within and without the University of Hertfordshire.