Privacy policy and accessibility statement

March 2016

There are two areas to the PSQM website (

  1. Public Area: accessible to all via the 'About PSQM' menu item on home page. Only PSQM Management team members are able to edit this area, and will take due care to adhere to all items below re content.
  2. Individual secure PSQM registered participant area: individual areas are secure, accessible by username and password issued to the subject leader of the school registered, along with PSQM Management team. See Appendix one for users of this area and expectations.

Usernames will be allocated by the PSQM Administrator, at the time of registration and passed to the registered subject leader by email. Under a separate email, automatically generated, the subject leader will be sent a secure password. This is not recorded by PSQM or kept as a record. A new password can be automatically sent by using the online facility, requiring correct use of registered user's email address. There are requirements for the nature of the password. Once logged in to their area, a school subject leader can change the password to something more memorable, providing it meets the security requirements. All passwords are alpha numeric.

See PSQM website user guide for more details.

Acceptable use of ICT and E-safety

At the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) we recognise that information and communication technology plays an important part in learning and development of schools. All PSQM participants in school must use technology appropriately, safely and legally. We have a responsibility to make all participants aware of the appropriate behaviours and skills to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the internet and related technologies.

Responsibility for E-safety and Appropriate use of ICT

The PSQM management team has responsibility for ensuring that the project has a Privacy Policy and Accessibility statement for ICT and this policy is reviewed annually.

The PSQM team will ensure that there is a designated person for coordinating E-safety and acceptable use of ICT with regards to the PSQM website.

All PSQM participants have a responsibility to use ICT appropriately and legally and report any illegal or inappropriate use of ICT to the PSQM team or the designated person for e-safety, as soon as possible.

PSQM team members and PSQM participants must consider the safety of children when using the website.

The PSQM team will ensure that computers have up to date virus protection and internet connection is filtered through the University of Hertfordshire.

The PSQM team has established user expectations for different levels of participation in the project (see Appendix 1)

Use of the Internet

The PSQM team encourages users to make effective use of the Internet and the PSQM website for submitting work for consideration of the PSQM award. Such use should always be lawful and appropriate. Internet usage means any connection to the Internet via Web browsing, external email or news groups.

The PSQM team expects all participants to use the Internet responsibly and strictly according to the following conditions:

Users shall not:

  • Upload or pass on, material, remarks, proposals or comments that contain or relate to:
    • pornography (including child pornography)
    • promoting discrimination of any kind
    • promoting racial or religious hatred
    • promoting illegal acts
    • any other information which may be offensive to colleagues
    • Incidents which appear to involve deliberate access to Web sites, newsgroups and online groups that contain the following material will be reported to the police:
      • images of child abuse (images of children, apparently under 16 years old) involved in sexual activity or posed to be sexually provocative
      • adult material that potentially breaches the Obscene Publications Act in the UK
      • criminally racist material in the UK

If inappropriate material is accessed accidentally, users should immediately report this to the PSQM team or designated E-safety coordinator so appropriate action can be taken.

Data Protection and System security

All users on the PSQM website are expected to protect their own login details as a matter of personal and system security. Under no circumstance should people allow other users to have their details or use their login. If at any time a user feels that their password has been seen by another user they should log on and change their password immediately.

User personal and system security code of conduct:

  • Participants should never allow children to log on to the PSQM website using their password.
  • Participant logon details should not be shared under any circumstances. If a participant has no login, this should be reported to the PSQM team for them to resolve immediately.
  • Personal details do not need to be uploaded to the website. Only the personal email address of the user is kept in the My Details section
  • The website does contain documentation about schools. If your details are seen by another person this data could be compromised. If in doubt change your password immediately.
  • If accessing the website from home on personal or school provided hardware you should always ensure, by following the aforementioned code, that data integrity is respected at all times. Your equipment is more vulnerable once it leaves the building.

Digital Media

Digital media and photographs play an important part of recording events in the submission. PSQM participants should consider and follow the school's own policy and parental permissions regarding postings.


The website notifications system should be used for communication between hub leader and subject leader in school. Creation of a comment on the website will produce an email to the recipient. The detail of the notification will be stored on the website and can only be accessed by logging in. Do not release or in any way make available personal details of any colleague or pupils (phone numbers, fax numbers or personal e-mail addresses) over the Internet.

Use by children

There is no need for children to have access to the PSQM website. Do not pass log in details to children.


Sanctions will be appropriate to the seriousness of the offence. For example temporary suspension of login rights for minor offences, ranging to permanent exclusion from project and involvement of the police for very serious offences.

PSQM website

Any work uploaded to the PSQM website should be thoroughly checked to ensure that there is no content that compromises the safety of pupils or staff. The school should have obtained parental permission before using images of pupils in the submission. Please ensure the image files are appropriately used – do not use pupils' names in image file names or ALT tags or annotations in submission documents.

Access levels to website (details are explained in appendix 1)

  • PSQM management team members have access to all registered participant secure areas (individual school areas) .
  • Hub Leaders have access to the secure areas of schools in their own hubs (via username and password issued by PSQM Administrator).
  • PSQM participants have access only to their own secure area (via username and password issued to subject leader).
  • Reviewers, (also hub leaders) have access (temporarily) to secure school areas they have been allocated (via their usual username and password).
  • Researchers may be given access to certain school sites, following carefully discussions with PSQM management team, as explained in Appendix 1.

Materials submitted to the website will be stored securely and only accessible via the PSQM team for review purposes and presentation of award ceremonies. Photos from the ceremonies will be posted on the PSQM website. If any images should not be used there then school should inform PSQM team. PSQM will use group photos rather than photos of individual children, wherever possible for the award ceremony presentations.

This policy will be reviewed yearly and updated annually. It will form part of induction for all new PSQM management staff and hub leaders, and will also be referred to in the Project agreement used when schools and hub leaders start the project.

Appendix One

Access and responsibilities re PSQM website at different participant levels

PSQM Leadership Team

Review Accessibility and Privacy Policy annually

Restrict management log in to PSQM leadership team members only

Manage individual school based login set ups as each school begins the project, using the creation system within the website

If relevant pass necessary details to ASE membership team once web login created, and at completion of submission, pass details of successful schools to ASE.

Maintain public areas of website, in line with guidance above. Third parties will not be passed participant details (other than designated hub leader for the school). PSQM team will from time to time place contact details of third parties on front page of website for participants to make use of.

PSQM team will make each participant's submission area available to their hub leader during the year and to a reviewer for the period of review upon completion of submission.

PSQM team have the function available to login as any participant, but will only use in the following circumstances:

  • To remedy any log in problems for the school,
  • To check web issues identified by school or hub leader,
  • To upload material the school has asked to have uploaded,
  • To quality assure the process of hub mentoring and submission work,
  • To demonstrate web usage to other participants.

Hub leader/ mentor

Will have own login detail, which enables them to carryout function as hub leader, this will include seeing each of their school's submission in progress and to create notifications for each of their schools (see notes above re content expectations).

Material uploaded by the registered PSQM participant as part of their submission remains the property of the school until the submit button is pressed. Hub leaders should not keep copies unless permission of the school is obtained.

Hub leaders are asked to inform PSQM team if schools have website issues such as login difficulty or uploading or website usage issues.

Hub leaders will have access to a variety of documentation from each school, so please be careful when viewing on screen, being aware of who else can see, and also if printing anything out it should be treated as confidential. This is particularly the case with school action plans and self assessments. If annotated action plans are returned to the school via email, ensure that the correct email address is used for the subject leader.

Registered PSQM participant (usually School Science Subject leader)

Following your first meeting with your hub leader you will be issued with a username and password, usually via emails. You should login , create an application (using a unique school name) and send your first notification message to your hub leader.

You may change your password in keeping with the security requirements posted in the relevant section of the website. In this place you may change your email address. This is the address that all notifications are sent to along with generic communications from PSQM team. If not a personalized school address then please be extra careful with login details. If your email address becomes compromised you should inform PSQM team immediately so that changes can be made by them.

You will be uploading details about the school and a variety of documents. You must follow your own school's policy re acceptable use and materials, as noted above. Materials will remain school's property until the final submit button is pressed.


All reviewers are hub leaders. They will be given access rights to specific schools for a short period of time following submission, in order to undertake the task of reviewing.

While reviewing all materials accessed remain the property of the PSQM team, so should not be copied or transmitted without permission of the PSQM team.

Care should be taken when viewing school's materials on the web, ensuring that no one else can access the submission.

The review document should be kept secure (please take care when storing on external media drives, ensure they are secure devices). If any are lost or stolen please inform PSQM team immediately. Content of the review document should not include personal details (other than initial names) and should not include any offensive material.

When returning review documents to the PSQM team, ensure that correct email to PSQM admin is used.

Once review process has completed, access rights will be removed

Other parties

Occasionally PSQM team will be approached by other parties wishing to view material. This would normally be for research or evaluation purposes. PSQM team will consider carefully the purpose of any such approaches before granting any access. Researchers will be expected to present purposeful questions that PSQM team consider answerable from within the submission data. If access is deemed appropriate PSQM team will give access either to annonymised aspects of submissions (for example a selection of section Es or a selection of subject leader logs), OR randomly selected school submissions on the website, in which case a researcher will be asked to sign an AUP agreement and be expected to provide PSQM team with details of how data is being used. Material will remain property of PSQM team;


PSQM team will provide data summaries (as per original Wellcome research) for use by researchers, this will be annonymised.

If you find any aspect of the site difficult to use, please send your comments to We want to continually improve our accessibility and feedback is a great help to us achieving it.