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The Royal Society of Biology is committed to promoting biology as a subject of choice to all students at all levels in schools, colleges and universities. We support and recognise excellence in biology teaching; champion a biology curriculum that challenges students and encourages their passion for biology; support young scientists through higher education, and provide career guidance at all levels. We offer a range of tools to assist our members working in education in their professional development, we respond to education policy consultations, and inform curriculum development and offer accreditation of degree programmes.

The RSB and PSQM work closely together through the RSB Primary Curriculum working group and the PSQM stakeholder group

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Gopher Science Labs

Simple hands-on science activities to build children's confidence and encourage their natural curiosity to find out how and why everyday things work.

This project provides a resource to link primary and secondary schools and help them support their students’ transition from primary to secondary education with peer to peer learning across age groups. Secondary students learn how to deliver the range of Gopher Science Labs activities to primary pupils. During this process the secondary students develop their skills in communication, innovation and increase their self-confidence. Later the primary pupils who attended the Gopher Science Labs day are encouraged to deliver their own training to pupils in their class or from younger year groups, so they too can develop their understanding and communication skills, with supervision from their teacher. This gives all participating students ownership of their learning and helps them gain confidence.