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Millgate House Education is a small publisher with a big reputation. We work with teachers in the UK and internationally, providing ideas, insight and inspiration through resources and courses for teachers and learners. Our books and CD-ROMs cover science, maths, English, music, history, geography and sport and fitness for learners age 4-16. We are dedicated to improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in classrooms, and our expertise is in creating resources and approaches that are quick, simple and effect.

Working with PSQM

Millgate House Education has supported PSQM from its outset, including contributing to conferences, contributing to Award Events and leading the development of a research strand in PSQM. We worked with Jane Turner and ASE to create It's Not Fair - or is it?, a guide to developing children's idea through primary science enquiry. This bestselling resource is frequently used in PSQM schools as part of the process of developing sciece teaching and learning.