Squirrels nursery group - for children from 3 months to a year

Baby eating foodWe don’t follow a strict routine in the baby room. Instead, we ask parents to tell us their child’s routine (in written form please). That means throughout the day we feed children and put them down for a nap at different times. We feel this helps the children settle better into nursery life.

We open our doors at 8:00, welcome parents and children into the nursery, and offer breakfast.

Building a routine

As the children head towards 1 year we begin to settle them into a toddler routine:

  • snack at 9:30
  • lunch at 11:00-11:20 followed by a sleep
  • tea at 15:00-15:20

This helps prepare your child for their next step in nursery to Hedgehogs. We have a wide range of healthy menus and food will be blended where appropriate.

Babies have a separate sleep room with 9 cots. These are labelled with photos and information on the children, which helps them to have a sense of belonging and security. With some luck, the babies fall asleep with the help of rockers, swings and prams.


Children have free play in the Squirrel room or in the large play garden. Our large range of toys includes rattles, shakers, bead  gyms, musical toys, walkers, balls, sand, paper, cars, musical instruments, tunnels, soft play, treasure baskets and puzzles.

When  the weather allows, we go for walks around the University campus. We focus our activities on child-led play and observe what the children like to play with and then provide and adapt activities that reflect that.