Foxes nursery group - for children from 2 to 3 years

A boy in the Foxes nursery groupIn the Foxes room, we focus a lot on encouraging children’s self-help and independence skills including toileting and washing hands. We introduce letters and sounds predominately focussing on their listening skills as this will play an important role when they progress to letter sounds at a later stage.

Children are encouraged to explore both the indoor and outdoor environment. To do this we have a free flow system which provides children with the opportunity to choose where they would like to play, ensuring that they have access to all 7 areas of learning.

As the children arrive they self-register using picture cards.  Each child finds their picture and puts it on the train outside the room.

They will have a wide range of fun activities throughout the year such as:

  • playdough
  • crafts
  • matching colour games
  • sand
  • construction
  • mark making
  • cooking
  • and much more!

A typical Foxes day

09:30Registration and circle time
10:00–10:40Rolling snack and free play
10:40–11:30Free play/adult-led activity
11:30Lunch time
12:00Sleep/free play
14:00Registration and circle time
15:00Tea time
15:30-18:00Free play until parents collect