Specialist study skills tuition

Specialist tuition is primarily awarded through your Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), however if you have a disability, but are not eligible for DSA funding we can normally cover the cost of this service through the University of Hertfordshire Disability Fund.

Contact us if you are unsure about which funding method is right for you.

Some of the areas you may cover in your specialist one-to-one tuition sessions are:

  • Analysing and interpreting essay questions and assignment briefs
  • Planning and structuring assignments/projects
  • Developing time management strategies
  • Exam revision strategies
  • Exam techniques
  • Presentation preparation and techniques
  • Help with interpreting and applying feedback from coursework
  • Planning your workload
  • Developing reading strategies
  • Developing spelling strategies
  • Developing writing, editing and proofreading techniques
  • Note taking strategies
  • Developing effective research strategies
  • Referencing

Your session

Prepare for your study skills sessions by taking along assignment briefs or academic work that you're struggling with.

Your work won't be proofread or corrected for you, but you will be taught skills which will improve your ability to complete work independently.

The sessions usually last for 1 hour. However, you and your tutor will agree together on a time and place that best suits you.

Sessions are arranged after your discussion with your Disability Adviser. You will be matched with a tutor who will contact you to arrange a start date.

If you can't make your session, please let your tutor know at least 24 hours in advance.

Get in touch

Email Disability Services to make an appointment to discuss specialist tuition or call on +44 (0)1707 284453.