Specialist mentoring

The University of Hertfordshire has a team of mentoring specialists who provide support primarily for students with:

  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • Mental health difficulties

The mentors have a range of skills and experience of working with disabled students in a higher education setting.

Support designed for you

Mentoring supports students in all areas of university life developing strategies to help you be as independent as possible.

Mentoring is often awarded as part of your DSA needs assessment. Your Disability Adviser will talk this through with you and discuss your needs.

If you do not have a DSA in place, but have a disability and feel that you would benefit from mentoring, please have a chat about it with your Disability Adviser.

Contact us before you start at University

Contact Disability Services as early as possible, before you even start at the University in some instances, to give you the best chance of settling into University life.

We can match you with a mentor before you start studying as mentoring can be hugely beneficial in the transition into university.

If you are applying for a DSA we ideally need to see the report from your assessment, however, if there are any problems or delays please contact us as we can often provide interim support while funding is being approved.

If you are not eligible for funding then any mentoring support must be discussed with your Disability Adviser.

Helping you to understand what mentoring is for

There are clear guidelines about what a mentor can and cannot work with you on. The purpose of mentoring is to support you to increase your independence skills and focus on your studies.

Sometimes there are 'social' aspects of university life which can impact on your studies and you mentor can work through these with you. Your mentor will not do things for you, without first trying to work through it with you.

Sharing information with your mentor

When you meet with your Disability Adviser you will be asked to sign a disclosure form. You can choose which information to share and who to share it with at this point.

Information will only be shared once you have given your permission to do so. We do  encourage disclosure as we find that sharing information with staff who will be working with you will enable them to best meet your needs.

Get in touch

Email Disability Services to make an appointment to discuss specialist tuition or call on +44 (0)1707 284453.