Diagnostic assessment service

The University of Hertfordshire is pleased to be able to offer all staff and students a diagnostic service to determine if you have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or a non-verbal learning difficulty.

If you are seeking an assessment for ADHD/ADD you should seek this diagnosis from your GP.

In order to apply for a Disabled Students Allowance for specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, you must have a full diagnostic assessment completed after you turn 16 years of age.

Full diagnostic assessments identify your key areas of strength and provide evidence of your difficulties.

The report produced after your assessment will contain recommendations for teaching and learning strategies. The  assessor will also ask for some background information about your previous educational experiences and any relevant medical history.

For students of the University

This service is only open to students at the University so as soon as you are enrolled on a course you can contact us to book an assessment. You can be assessed at any time during your studies, however, the earlier the better, so that you can take advantage of all the support services we offer.

Your assessment

Allow 2-3 hours for your assessment. The assessor may be able to tell you at the end of the assessment if it is a positive diagnosis, or they might need a bit more time to reflect on your scores.

The assessor will write a full report after the assessment and you should have this approximately 2 weeks afterwards.

You will be asked to carry out a variety of short tasks some of which measure your skills in reading, writing and comprehension, processing skills and abilities.

The different exercises used are part of well recognised assessment procedures designed specifically for use on people aged 16 years and over. It is recognised that when you reach adulthood you are likely to have developed many of your own strategies to manage a specific learning difficulty, and the tests are designed purposely to see past these.

After the assessment

The report is shared with Disability Services who will contact you to encourage you to make an appointment to discuss any arrangements which need to be made for your studies.

At this appointment you can discuss with the Disability Adviser who you are happy for the report to  be shared with. It is your report so it is up to you to decide who sees that information.

Book an assessment

Contact Student Wellbeing to make an appointment or discuss Diagnostic Assessments.