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Clubs and societies

From literature to LGBT, philosophy to film-making and from the serious to the downright silly, there's a group of like mined people at Herts waiting for you.

And if you can't find the club you're looking for, the Students' Union will provide you with support and funding to set up your own.

Student media

If you're interested in a career in the media, or you just want to have fun, our Student's Union has everything from writing articles for the student newspaper, 'Universe', to presenting a show on our resident radio station, 'Crush FM'. Getting involved in student media will give you experience to put on your CV and it's great fun.

Just visit the 'freshers' fair' in the first week of term to get signed up and start getting involved.

Activities off-campus

Hatfield and the surrounding areas are well served with community and interest groups in case you want to get involved.

Community fridge

The University of Hertfordshire has its very own Community Fridge, based in The Oval on College Lane Campus. This is a communal space for students and staff to share surplus food they no longer want or need. The aim of the fridge is to reduce unnecessary food waste, as well as to promote community sharing across both campuses.

Whether you are going away for a long weekend and you have food that will expire whilst you’re gone, or you would like to try something you wouldn’t normally eat, the Community Fridge is available to you!

Food is also shared by local businesses to support our fridge, to help reduce food waste on a larger scale. This not only saves waste and money, but also helps our environment stay healthy.

See Ask Herts to find more information about how to get involved.

Community gardens

Students on the UH AllotmentWe are fortunate enough to have our own allotment plots on College Lane Campus. A group of student volunteers worked with local charity Groundwork East to prepare the plots and planted various vegetables e.g. chard, potatoes, garlic, onions, lettuce, broccoli and sprouts.

This area is available to all students and staff, offering a fantastic volunteering opportunity to maintain the plots. Gardening is not only a great way to improve our green spaces on campus, but also improves overall wellbeing.

We are currently working to introduce a Community Garden for staff and students on de Havilland Campus as well.

See Ask Herts to find more information about how to get involved.

As a uni student it’s really easy to isolate yourself in your room. It’s good to see what you’re doing coming to fruition, to see your efforts become something. It’s a really rewarding thing.

Chandi - Psychology Student‚Äč


Student trip to BrightonThe University takes great pride in its social programme across the year. The student experience is never complete without the experience of travelling together.

Whether it’s a trip in the UK or abroad, we have a variety that we hope everyone will enjoy. We run regular trips to London, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Manchester Football Club, Cambridge, Paris and more!

Once you have started your course, you can find more information and book online at the UH Store.

If you have any queries, please email