COVID-19 commitment

This commitment is applicable to all students renting University accommodation, including those that already have a contract for 2020-21 academic year on College Lane and de Havilland campuses. It is intended to assist you in the event of any Government imposed England wide COVID-19 lockdown during the period of your accommodation contract.

Should the Government implement one or more full lockdowns in England in response to COVID-19, the University will offer you the following three options:

  1. If you remain in your University accommodation, full charges for the full contract term will continue to apply. The University will continue to provide support services in line with government guidance.
  2. If you decide to fully vacate your University accommodation (restrictions allowing of course), removing your belongings and returning your keys, you can apply to pause your contract. The date for this will be set by the University for all students, so may be different from the date of your actual departure. Should you decide to vacate your accommodation fully and therefore surrender your licence we cannot guarantee you being offered the same room that you vacated when you return.
  3. If you prefer to travel home, or elsewhere but leave your belongings in your University room, you can apply to receive a 50% reduction of your accommodation fees. The period of time of the lockdown will be defined by the University, based on the England wide lockdown period imposed by the Government. This will not be tailored to individuals and will be applicable to lockdown periods only and not time leading up to or following that period.