Take a virtual tour

Look at some of the fantastic state-of-the-art learning, teaching and social facilities on offer at the University of Hertfordshire by taking a virtual tour.

Select the area you are interested in, from the menu below, and take a virtual tour around the campus.

College Lane campus facilities

  • Art and Design Gallery

  • Health Research building

  • Learning Resources Centre (LRC) and library

  • School of Creative Arts

    The Gallery

    Arts department

    Fashion department

    Photography department

  • School of Engineering

    Teaching rooms

    Aerospace facilities

    Formula Student facilities

  • Science building

    A fly through of the science building at the University of Hertfordshire.

  • The Forum Hertfordshire

    The Forum

    The Forum Cafe

    The Style Bar

de Havilland campus facilities

  • Accommodation

  • Cafe Moot

  • Cafe Study

  • Law Court building

  • Learning Resources Centre (LRC) and library

  • Street and Mezzanine

  • The Weston Auditorium

Bayfordbury campus facilities

  • Science Learning Centre