Connect Common Reading Experience

About the programme

The Connect Common Reading Experience is a University of Hertfordshire-wide reading programme focused on developing the experience of all students. Students and staff read the same book and participate in discussions, activities and events that relate to the themes of the book. These will be hosted virtually throughout semester A and B. The book for 2020-21 is: It's not OK to feel blue and other lies by Scarlett Curtis.

book cover for 'it's not ok to feel blue and other lies' by Scarlett Curtis
Scarlett Curtis looks to camera Author, Scarlett Curtis

What are the benefits?

Connect provides an informal and enjoyable opportunity to get to know other students and share a learning experience together. It will tap into your curiosity and help you develop your critical thinking and oral discussion skills. You'll have the opportunity to explore the themes of the book from different perspectives and through multiple lenses which can help you develop a deeper interdisciplinary understanding.

The experience will:

  • enable students to get to know peers from different disciplines
  • develop student confidence and support learning within the degree
  • enhance the student's CV
  • be a meaningful and fun experience.

How does it work?

This year we are providing a free e-book for students and staff. Upon registration to the Connect Common Reading Experience Programme, you will find instructions on the canvas site on how to download or read the book online for free.

You can now register by following this link.

Simply enter your existing University of Hertfordshire username (i.e. ab12cde) and password to commence registration.

During semester A and B, students and staff are invited to participate in a programme of events and activities linked to the themes of the book. These will range from book discussions to wider events with presentations from special guests such as the author of the book, Scarlett Curtis.

Once you have registered on your course at Herts, you will be sent a link inviting you to enrol on the Connect Programme. Please contact the Student Success team if you have any problems with this.

Across the community

A key feature of the programme is its distribution across the University academic community, providing participants with opportunities to engage with students and staff across the institution's diverse disciplines.

Connect aims to foster an awareness of the breadth and richness of the University's intellectual environment, a sense of community and collaboration and an understanding of the value of interdisciplinary dialogue. We encourage you to make the most of your journey at Herts by taking part in this innovative experience, which is designed to enhance your experience at university and your future career.

We encourage faculty members to incorporate the book into their course curriculum in the 2020-21 academic year.

Contact the Herts Success team for information not covered on these web pages.

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