About the competition

The Flare Ignite competition is no longer split into rounds. Each and every entrant that submits an expression of interest form will be given an opportunity to complete a business model canvas.

The enterprise team will be available to offer feedback and advice throughout the competition.

  • Step 1 – Submit an expression of interest form via Handshake
  • Step 2 – Write a business model canvas for your idea
  • Step 3 – Finalists Only – present a short elevator pitch to a panel of judges, followed by a question and answer session

Step 1

All entrants will be required to:

  • submit an expression of interest form via Handshake
  • provide your name and student number

Step 2

All entrants will be required to

  • write a full-page business canvas
  • submit your canvas by email to the enterprise team

You will receive a business canvas template from the enterprise team. All applicants must adhere to the requested word count! Results will be announced by email. Successful entrants will need to confirm that they want to continue into the final.

Step 3

Entrants progressing to the final will be required to:

  • present a short elevator pitch and be prepared to answer questions from the judging panel
  • The quality of your elevator pitch, answers to the panel's questions and the way you present yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur will be taken into consideration when the overall prize winners are decided.

Finalists will also be required to:

  • Attend a day of promotion and pitching during WorkFest Week in October 2021. You will be required to repeat your pitch to a live audience, as part of the awards ceremony.
  • Should the event need to take place online then all finalists will be required to pre-record their audience pitch. These pitches will be uploaded onto the UH website for audience members to view.

Results will be announced during the event.

Award categories

Lifestyle business of the year

Emphasis on lifestyle businesses or ideas, where the focus is not on growing rapidly but sustaining a way of life for the owner.

Social impact award

This award recognises businesses, ideas or solutions that operate in both an ethical and socially impactful manner, whose core aim is to improve the world we live in.

Innovation and impact award

Awarded to highly innovative and creative ideas and solutions, demonstrating a bold approach to disrupting the market or the potential to do so.

Scalable business award

For those entrepreneurs that have an already trading business, and who can showcase a detailed plan on how they are able to scale quickly.

People's choice award

As voted for by the audience

Engineers in business categories for 2021

This year we've secured sponsorship from the Engineers in Business Fellowship to award three additional prizes.

To be eligible for an engineering award, ideas must have an engineering focus, but multi-disciplinary teams are welcome. A multi-disciplinary team must include at least one engineer to qualify for a prize.

Judging the competition

The judging panel has been carefully selected from professionals and practitioners of different ages and genders. All have been chosen for their knowledge and experience in business and entrepreneurship.

The judging process for the flare competition is challenging but fair.


Judging will be based on the level of innovation and feasibility of your idea, as well as the detail, research and innovation displayed in the business canvas.

Flare Ignite final judging will be based on the quality of your elevator pitch, the ability to answer the panel's questions and the way you present yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur