Assessment Centre Experience

The Assessment Centre Experience (ACE) is an ISE award winning mock assessment centre simulation, run by the University of Hertfordshire in partnership with Smart Resourcing Solutions. ACE has been recognised as one of the largest mock assessment centre simulations in the UK and will be attended by over 3000 students of the University of Hertfordshire in 2019.

ACE will be taking place during three weeks in November at Watford Football Club, where students come with passion to learn, network with employers, grow in confidence and develop critical skills that will help them secure placement and graduate roles.

ACE is embedded within the vast majority of level 5 undergraduate courses, giving 2nd year students an outstanding opportunity to take part in a realistic mock assessment centre with bespoke assessment materials directly relating to their degree. In 2019 we are also extending  ACE to level 4 Law (LLB) students. Please see below the dates each school of study will be attending.

Students that have attended ACE have reported an increase in confidence in applying for placements and graduate schemes. On average across all schools, only 14% felt confident in these applications prior to ACE. Post ACE this increased to 58% of students feeling confident or very confident.


ACE is an excellent opportunity to see students in a recruitment environment and can be a useful talent spotting tool for your company, with the chance to have a pop-up stand to network with students.

ACE is run at Watford Football Club, which offers a professional environment offsite, giving a more realistic experience to those involved. Employers are invited to participate in this not to be missed event as:

  • An assessor
  • An observer


Weeks Commencing: 04 November, 18 November and 25 November 2019.

Each school of study are assigned certain days to attend ACE with employers welcome to join any days they wish. All . schools of study below offer ACE to level 5 undergraduates. Law also offers the experience to level 4 LLB students.

Humanities | Thurs 7 November - All day
Engineering and Technology | Mon 18 November - PM, Tues 19 November - All day, Weds 20 November - All day
Business | Mon 4 November - All day, Tues 5 November - All day, Weds 6 November - All day
Creative Arts: Thurs 21 November - All day
Computer Science | Mon 18 November - PM, Tues 19 November - All day, Weds 20 November - All day
Law | Tues 26 November - All day, Thurs 28 November - AM
Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics | Mon 18 November - PM, Tues 19 November - All day, Weds 20 November - All day
Education: Weds 27 November - PM
Geography & Environment | Weds 27 November - AM
Biosciences | Mon 25 November - All day
Psychology | Thurs 28 November - PM
Nutrition and Dietetics | Weds 27 November - AM

Register your interest

Eligible students will see ACE added to their timetables automatically and do not need to register.

If you are an employer and wish to attend - please complete this form to register your interest.

Feedback from 2018

The number of students attending our Watford assessment centres has grown year on year and we are expecting the same rise in 2019 with student and employer feedback being extremely positive:

Amazing. One of the best university external experiences I have had. I'd like to say thank you to the organisers and the mock interviewers, all of whom were fantastic.

2nd year student

I found it life changing, I received feedback that will help be personally and professionally that I would have never known about had I not come.

2nd year student

Impressed by how they showed such potential as graduate employees.  The atmosphere was just right -  relaxed, friendly and seamlessly efficient.


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