Assessment Centre Experience

Careers and Employment run an award winning - (Best Preparation for Industry ISE Awards 2018) - Assessment Centre Experience (ACE) in collaboration with most of the academic schools at Herts.

It is the largest Assessment Centre Simulation in the UK that we know of and in 2018 over 2000 second year students will take part.

What is an assessment centre experience?

The ACE offers students the chance to participate in and receive feedback on their performance at a simulation assessment centre, which often forms part of the application process for placements and graduate jobs.

What does it cover?

Students will be prepared for and take part in the following activities;

  • Interview
  • Presentation
  • Group exercise

Employers come along as assessors on the day and use the opportunity to talent spot for their companies. The ACE is run at Watford Football Club, which offers a professional environment offsite, giving a more realistic experience.

The ACE is a chance to practice in a safe and supportive, but realistic, environment. Preparation takes place in advance and post-event there is the opportunity for students to work on feedback received in order to further improve.

Can I take part?

The ACE has grown over the last 3 years and in 2018 the following schools will be involved for most second year students:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Hertfordshire Business School
  • Humanities
  • Physics Astronomy and Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Joint Honors

In addition, around 30 students for a pilot year from the following schools will also take part:

  • Hertfordshire Law School
  • Creative Arts

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