Information about US loans

Loan disbursement

ALL Federal loans originated by the University of Hertfordshire will be disbursed in the three equal instalments during the first week of each term.

The actual GBP sterling you receive will vary as it is dependent upon the exchange rate from USD $ to GBP £ at the time of disbursement. The disbursement dates for academic year 2017/18 are:

  1. September 20 2017
  2. January 4 2018
  3. April 4 2018

Please note these dates are subject to change, we will aim to update students to any change of the advertised schedule.

The dates shown above are dates of disbursement from the U.S. NOT the date you will receive funds. Under normal circumstances the funds will be physically transferred to the University's bank account in the first instance. From there the funds will be converted into sterling and your tuition fee instalment deducted and any outstanding accommodation fees. The remaining credit is then refunded to you.

All disbursements are subject to the following conditions:

  • You are making satisfactory academic progress
  • You are enrolled at least part time
  • You are not in USA
  • You have not violated any federal compliance regulations (for example repayment default, fraud, drugs)

Before we can disburse anything to you need to open a UK bank Account. Please note that it can take up to 10 days to open a UK bank account. Once you have opened your bank account you need to provide us with the details of this account via our disbursement form which will be sent to you when you register. Information on opening a UK Bank account.

Deadlines:To ensure your loan is disbursed in time the Student Finance team must have received your completed application by August 11 2017. Any applications received after this date will be deemed late applications and as such disbursements could fall outside of the advertised dates. If you fall into this category we will email you to advise of the next available disbursement dates.

You will receive an email when your disbursement is available. When you receive this email, you may contact us to reduce or cancel the disbursement. Please note if you wish to cancel to cancel or reduce a loan during the year we may require a minimum of 10 business days prior to the next disbursement. If you wish to reduce your loan please clearly state the $ USD amount you wish to reduce your disbursement by.

WARNING - if you don't warn us in advance not to draw down your disbursement, then you will be responsible for all interest charges and for its repayment.

When we initiate disbursement, if there is anything which prevents us from making payment to you, we will immediately contact you by email and tell you what to do. Make sure that the email address the University of Hertfordshire has for you is current. Once registered, you can amend your contact details on StudyNet.

If your loan disbursement is not enough to cover one third of your tuition and one third of your accommodation fee, there may not be an amount to disburse to you.

How much money you will get and in which currency

The government deducts an 'Origination Fee' from each disbursement. This is outlined on our Eligibility questionnaire. The value you are going to receive is shown on the letter sent to you by the University of Hertfordshire when we originated your loan.

You will only get one third of your loans each term, this is a US Department of Education regulation, there are deductions taken from that value. Your disbursement will be in £Sterling, no exceptions.

As your disbursements will be in £sterling, you need to open a UK bank account to be able to use it for living expenses. Information on opening a UK Bank account.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover two weeks of maintenance costs should you loan be delayed for any reason.


We are not able to sign any deferment forms until after you have registered and will not accept any deferment forms to complete.

We will advise you by email when it is ready for collection from Student Centre, request are completed within 5 business days.

Entrance and Exit Counselling for Federal student loan borrowers

Federal Regulations require you to complete entrance and exit Counselling, this is audited. The school is required to ensure that you have completed entrance and exit counselling, this is also audited and the findings are reviewed by the USDE. There is no exception to this.

Entrance counselling

All students wishing to borrow via the Direct Lending programme are required to undergo entrance counselling, this process will assist your understanding of the loan programme and underline your rights and responsibilities.

You can complete entrance counselling via You will need the pin you used to access FAFSA. Please be aware that the University of Hertfordshire will not process your loan application, if you have not submitted confirmation of your entrance counselling with your application pack.

PLUS Counselling

US regulations require that any applicant of a PLUS loan must complete PLUS counselling. Please note that this does not fulfil the entrance counselling requirement for first-time graduate/professional students. Plus counselling is provided ONLY via

Exit Counselling

US regulation required all students who withdraw, graduate, or drop below half-time attendance (even if you plan to transfer to another school) to complete exit counselling.

Exit counselling helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. It provides useful tips and information to help you manage your loan.

  1. You must complete NSLDS Exit Counselling. This is done on-line just like your entrance counselling, just go to NSLDS and work through the pages (you will need your FAFSA log-in and PIN). You can also download the PDF guide exit counselling guide on the Federal Student Aid website.
  2. You must send proof that you have successfully completed the counselling. Scan/PDF the final "congratulations" page and email this to