Applying for aid

How much you can borrow and how to apply

Applications for 2017/18

Applications for U.S. Federal Loans can be submitted from June 26 2017 onwards, please do not send any documents to before this date as we will be unable to process them.

Applicants may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance which is set by the school. The maximum loans you can receive cannot exceed the yearly cost of attendance, less any financial aid you may be receiving. This financial aid includes:

  • Sponsorship
  • Financial aid from the University of Hertfordshire such as scholarships and or awards
  • Other Financial aid from the UK
  • Other Financial aid from the USA

The US Loan Eligibility Questionnaire is broken down into two sets of costs:

  • Regular costs, for example, rent, food, books etc.
  • Suggested Single costs, for example Flights to and from the US, Laptop, Visa application, etc.

These costs are broken down in our eligibility questionnaire, which you MUST complete. Please see our Guidance Notes to help you complete the questionnaire.

Documents to download:

Please note our School Code: G10525

If any documents are missing from your email to us, we cannot begin processing your application and we will email and advise you to start again.

When you have finished, submit the questionnaire and email all supporting documentation to with the subject of your surname, Forename and your University of Hertfordshire application ID.

When we have completed our input and matching all your documents on the US Department of Education's systems, we will send you signed and stamped letter. This will confirm your loans. You need it for your UK visa application.