Meet our students

We think that the University of Hertfordshire is a great place to come and study but don't just take our word for it. Read what some of our International students have said about their experiences with us.

David Zhang, China

MSc Clinical Medicine

Edlyn Jones, USA

MSc Dermatology and Skills

Gooi Yang Shuh, Malaysia


Ching Yi Leong, Malaysia

Mass Communications

Harmandeep KaurHarmandeep Kaur, India

Business Administration BA Hons

The thing that attracted me to The University of Hertfordshire was The Business School, tutors, law department, nice campus and nice area, and the very nice helpful people. My hobby is dancing but right now I want to focus on my studies.

The University staff have helped me to learn more about the university and my course, and all the other students on my course are very nice. I have chosen to learn Spanish as part of my course. The University of Hertfordshire is very nice, the tutors are very good, it is a very beautiful campus and it's worth coming here!

U Zaw Nay

U Zaw Nay, Bangladesh

MSc Finance and Investment Management

I heard about The University of Hertfordshire in my country and I researched it and found out it's a fantastic place to study. The campus has fantastic facilities like the LRC and the social events at the Forum are great.

It's very easy to settle in the UK, people are very friendly. And you get to meet people from all over the world in one place and it's easy to communicate with each other.

My hobbies are going to the gym and swimming which I can do here at the Herts Sports Village. The lecturers, tutors and general staff are very helpful.

We have a placement and study abroad office to help us if we have any questions. At the LRC if you have any problems they are open all hours to help. Hertfordshire is a great place to study; London is very near to Hatfield only 20 minutes. You will get everything you want in one place if you come to study here at Hertfordshire!

 Nicola Grace Hendrickson

Nicole Grace Hendrickson, USA

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

When I was looking at universities in the UK, I wanted to find the best university for my course, and the University of Hertfordshire website showed me everything that I dreamed for, and I thought that's the place I want to go!

The University is involved in making Robots, the group are very welcoming and said to just come along and do what you can and learn so I'm really excited about that.

I've made lots of friends, especially in tutorials where they put you in groups for each class so you get to know the people in your group well. People are friendly and great to study with. I'm in my first year, and the teachers are doing a good job of helping us get the basics. I was a little nervous before I started but I feel completely confident now.

All of the staff have been really helpful, if you have any questions the tutor will go over it with you and help you to understand. It's a great university, there is so much going on here and I would definitely recommend Computer Science, it's a brilliant course and so much fun!

 Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar P. Ramasamy, Malaysia

Law Degree (LLB) LLB Honours

Hertfordshire is wonderful, the De Havilland campus is recently built and the library is very nice.

I was very afraid initially coming from Malaysia all the way to the UK, but the moment I reached here we started the orientation programme for one week with the wonderful student guides, I really felt at home and I settled in as soon as I came here.

I have joined the Law Society where I have met a lot of friends. And the Sports Village is very nice where I go to the gym and swim. The University staff have been very helpful. I would especially like to thank Kevin Rogers and Penny Carey and many other lecturers for really helping me to settle in here. If you want to do well, choose the University of Hertfordshire they are the best.