Before you travel

de Havilland

To help you prepare to travel to the UK, we provide a range of information which will help you:

  • answer any questions you may have as you prepare to come to the University
  • plan your journey
  • give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive

Overseas students' pre-arrival guide

Our pre-arrival guide provides helpful advice and a range of useful links that will help you to prepare to come to study with us in the UK.

Visa and entry clearance

Most international (non EEA) students need a visa/entry clearance to study in the UK. You can self-assess online at the UK Government's Home Office website to see if this is relevant to you.

European Economic Area (EEA) Nationals do not need a visa or entry clearance to study in the UK. If you are an EEA national you can travel into the UK using your passport or National Identity Card.

Further information is also available through your local British Embassy or High Commission. Find out more about applying for a UK visa.

Overseas students' orientation programme

Book your place before you arrive to take advantage of our orientation programme for overseas students. Read more about our orientation programme for international students.

Do you want us to meet you at the airport?

We have made special arrangements to collect students for free from Heathrow Airport at the start of a range of our courses.

Find out more about our scheduled airport collection dates.

Alternatively, you can make your own way to the University by car, by public transport or using a pre-booked taxi service. For further details of these options, please see our section on travelling to the UK and the University.


There are a range of accommodation options available to you during your time with the University. You will need to make accommodation arrangements and have confirmation of where you will be staying before travelling to the UK.

Find out more about accommodation options.