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Erasmus+ staff mobility

All Herts employees, both academic and professional, have the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ teaching or training exchange mobility. It offers you an opportunity to teach or undertake training in another country and to get to know first-hand the workings of another European educational system.

Erasmus staff mobility is open until the UK departure from the programme on 31 May 2023.

An Erasmus mobility visit can help you to:

  • pick up new ideas
  • explore teaching curricula and research
  • learn about new tools and technologies
  • discover best practices to take back and improve your own ways of working
  • learn about other cultures and internationalisation
  • build up a network of international contacts
  • improve or gain language skills.

You may find your counterparts in other countries face the same issues and challenges, and we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.


Depending on the country destination you will receive:

  • individual support grant: €140-€180 per day to cover accommodation, local transport and subsistence
  • travel grant: €180-€360 (calculation based on the distance travelled) to cover from home to destination institution.

Application process

Before mobility

  • identify an opportunity at partner institution that may qualify as an Erasmus+ staff mobility. This is open to all academic and professional staff that hold a contract of employment with the University. You can take part in teaching mobility (academic staff) or training mobility (all staff).

You can make a contact with the relevant party at a partner institution, search at or look at international week opportunities.

This also confirms that if your expenses exceed the travel grant and individual support grant, the difference will be covered by your SBU.

Please note that, if any international week or mobility requires a participation fee, this fee will not be covered by Erasmus and you will need to seek funding from your school or department.

  • please return the application form to the Study Abroad Team at
  • once your application has been accepted, please complete the Teaching Mobility Agreement or Training Mobility Agreement
    Please ensure that both you and your line manager have signed this agreement. The next step is to obtain a signature from the person responsible in the receiving institution. This will confirm that you have been formally accepted by partner.

On receipt of approval from the Study Abroad Team, depending on the type of mobility, you may be asked to complete additional application forms and registration documents for the host institution.

  • please ensure that you complete and sign the Grant Agreement. This will be available from the Study Abroad Team. Your individual support grant and travel grant will be calculated according to the data provided in the application form. Please note that these rates are in euro (€) and not in pound sterling (£)
  • booking travel and accommodation is possible only if the exchange has been confirmed by both the host institution and the University.

Once all the forms are approved and sent to the Study Abroad Office, you will be able to book your travel on the Diversity website.

After mobility

  • claims for any expenses incurred during the exchange should be made through Study Abroad budget using the HR portal.

The details of the budget code and the name of the approver will be provided prior or shortly after your departure.

Please scan original receipts and upload them into the expense claim, then send them by email and hard copies by internal post to the Study Abroad Team. You need to attach the expense report. Please complete this within 30 day of the mobility end date.

  • on your return you will receive an online feedback survey from Erasmus+ that you must complete within 30 days of the mobility ending.

Please note, that if you fail to complete the Erasmus+ survey or complete any of the requested documents you may be asked to return the costs of the flights and accommodation.

Recognition of staff mobility

Your staff mobility activities should be reported as staff development in your performance appraisal and six-month review.

Further information

Study Abroad Team, Ask Hutton Hub, College Lane

Please email for more information