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Erasmus+ Staff mobility

All University of Hertfordshire employees, both academic and professional, have the possibility to participate in an Erasmus+ teaching or training mobility visit.

Erasmus+ offers you an opportunity to teach or train in another European country and to get to know first-hand the workings of another educational system. An Erasmus+ mobility visit can help you to:

  • pick up new ideas
  • explore teaching curricula and research
  • learn about new tools and technologies
  • discover best practices to take back and improve your own ways of working.

You may find your counterparts in other countries face the same challenges, and we can all benefit from each other's experiences.

Colleagues returning from Erasmus+ mobility visits extol the benefits and many take up another mobility opportunity. An Erasmus+ mobility visit can help you to build up a network of international contacts, and perhaps even brush up your language skills.

We want to encourage staff, who have not previously undertaken a mobility visit, to take up a mobility opportunity, and when funds are limited, priority will be given to them.

Staff mobility Erasmus+ funding is open until May 2023.

Please email the Study Abroad Team for more information