Erasmus+ Master Loan

Pay your fees

The Erasmus+ Master Loan is now available in France, Spain and the UK. The scheme aims to give graduates access to more affordable loans to study for a Masters degree in another country.

What is the Master Loan?

The loan is to help Masters students with their living and tuition costs when studying in a different country from their country of residence. The terms of the loan are designed to make repayment easier, including:

  • no need to provide collateral when applying for the loan;
  • an interest rate lower than the market rate;
  • a ‘grace period' of up to one year before repayments begin;
  • a further 'payment holiday' of up to one year.

In the UK, the Erasmus+ master loan is offered through Future Finance for students from the UK taking their Masters degree in one of the 33 Erasmus+ Programme countries or for students from these countries moving to the UK to study for their Masters. Applications or enquiries must be made directly to FFLC.

See for full information and eligibility criteria