Europe Week

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What is Europe Week?

Europe Week is a programme of educational and cultural activities offered each March in collaboration with the University's European partners. It is partly funded by the University and partly by the Erasmus+ Programme. The initial driver of Europe Week was a desire to rationalise mobility requests from partners, rather than responding on an ad hoc basis, and it has now become a well-established event within the University calendar.

A key aim of Europe Week is to encourage both students and members of staff to take up mobility opportunities. During the event, visiting lecturers from partner universities and schools teach our students through our existing programme modules. This works well and is popular with members of staff, some of whom regularly save slots for this activity.

Annually there are over 100 hours of timetabled teaching in Europe Week, helping us to internationalise the classroom and expose students to different pedagogic styles and international perspectives. Europe Week also includes a Research Forum enabling visiting lecturers to present their research. This has led to a number of valuable collaborative activities with our European partners. A Study Abroad Fair also promotes student mobility opportunities in Europe.