Travelling tips

Pay your fees

Getting through customs

Please note if you require a Tier 4 visa or Short-Term study visa you should not use the ePassport gates on arrival to the UK. You will need to see a Border Force Officer who will be able to stamp your passport giving you the appropriate leave or validation of your vignette.

You can save this PDF to your phone or print it out and show it to Border Force Officials on your arrival to the UK to explain that you need a stamp in your passport.

You can help by keeping all of your important documents together and in your hand luggage.

Non EU nationals will need to show a valid passport and visa on arrival to the UK but you may also need to show the following so please make sure you keep these in your hand luggage:

  • Evidence of funding.
  • A recent medical report including x-ray results.
  • Notification of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) e-mail or your University of Hertfordshire unconditional offer letter (if you have a student visitor visa).

Be prepared to answer questions about where you are staying, and why you have come to the UK. The Border Force Officer must also be satisfied that you speak English at the required level without the needs for an interpreter. You may also be fingerprinted if you supplied biometrics for your visa application.

What you can bring to the UK

There are some restrictions on what you can bring into the UK. Meat and fish products, all drugs (except prescription drugs) and animals are prohibited. Visit the customs and excise website to make sure you know the law before you travel.

Bringing money to the UK

You will need to bring some money with you to get you through the first couple of weeks in the UK. We advise you not to bring large sums of cash, to avoid putting yourself at risk of theft. If you travel with more than €10,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) you will be required to declare it at customs. We recommend travelling with no more than £500-£600 in cash and bringing the rest on a pre-paid credit card or as travellers' cheques.

Student arrivals and border control: 10 top tips

To help you prepare and have a better idea of what to expect when crossing the border into the UK, the UK Visa's and Immigration Border Force have devised a helpful list of '10 top tips' for student arrivals.

Getting to the University

Airport collection

The University offers a free collection service to students travelling to Heathrow airport on publicised dates, which include various dates from January through to September. You need to book your place in advance.

Travelling independently

The University is in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 25 minutes by train from central London. The nearest train station is Hatfield (direct route from King's Cross Station). The University is a short taxi journey or bus ride from Hatfield railway station. You can view train times and fares on the National Rail website.

There are also bus services available from all the major London airports to the University.

Airport bus services

Heathrow Airport (21 miles or 34km away)

Arriva 724 service

Luton Airport (18 miles or 29km away)

National Express JL737 Service

Stansted Airport (20 miles or 32km away)

Gatwick Airport (40 miles or 64km away)

View our maps and directions section for more information on how to get here.

Taking a taxi

You may prefer to take a taxi to the University. If you do this please make sure:

  • You get a cab from the official taxi rank at the airport or book in advance
  • You have the University's address clearly written on a piece of paper
  • You have cash to cover the cost of the journey (between £50 and £135 dependent on your arrival airport)

If you would like to pre-book your taxi Sparks Cars is a company local to the University with experience of collecting our international students.

You must book your taxi 72 hours before departure. Tell them your:

  • Full name, date of birth and application number
  • Arrival date and time
  • Flight number
  • UK airport and terminal
  • Mobile phone number

The taxi will arrive 1 hour 30 minutes after your planned arrival time. You will be charged an additional £5 per hour for any delays.

Your driver will wait for you by the information desk in arrivals holding a University of Hertfordshire sign with your name on (in English). You can pre-pay for your taxi online or pay the driver in cash.

Book your taxi

Sparks Cars can take bookings by contacting them via email:

On arrival