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Please be aware that start dates vary by programme and therefore you must only follow the information relating to your chosen programme.

Please note if you are a research student, you'll need to speak to your supervisor.

If you are unsure about any terms or aspects of this page, please do not assume, instead contact and we'll help answer your query.


You are required to formally register on your course to become an official University of Hertfordshire student. Registration takes place in two stages and you need to complete MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) before you begin.


Online Registration

  • involves checking and updating your personal details on the portal
  • do this online before you travel
  • you will be able to set up your Hertfordshire account and then access your Joining instructions from the 19th December 2022

Face-to-face Registration

  • involves the University checking copies of your important documents
  • will be done face-to-face at the University once you are in the UK (check the table below for your deadline)
  • completed via a booked appointment and you should complete this as soon as possible after arriving

Additional guidance about registration is available online, including a video walkthrough for Online Registration.

Step by step guidance on the international registration process is also available on our registration guidance pages.

You can check your registration steps and instructions

You should complete both stages as soon as you can so you can begin accessing your learning materials.

Last date to register and be in the UK

You must be fully registered onto your course and be in the UK by the deadline dates shown in the table below, otherwise you will not be able to commence your studies with us and would need to return back home.

Engaging with your studies

Aim to be ready to start your course on the start date confirmed in the course registrations and arrivals deadline table. If you experience any issues which prevent you from starting on time, you must be registered and engaging with your studies by the last date to register for your programme.

Engagement with your studies will be monitored, so you must ensure you are fully engaging with your learning materials, lectures and assignments as soon as you are registered. If your engagement is below 80% it may result in you being withdrawn from the programme.

Start dates for new international students

The start date for most new international students for our 2022/23 academic year Semester B entry is Monday 23 January.

You must check your individual course start date on your offer letter as some courses will have slightly different dates.

The table below outlines the start date, latest date to complete both steps of registration, and last date for you to arrive in the UK by.

The free orientation week will begin alongside start of term, on Monday 23 January. Being in the UK ready for your course start date is strongly recommended and gives you the greatest chance of successfully completing your course and ensuring you have the best student experience.

Please look carefully to check your course dates and make sure you are aware of the deadlines applicable to you.

Course registration and arrival deadlines

All applicants joining us for January 2023 need to ensure they meet the deadlines for their programme. Use this table for guidance but ensure you make your travel plans with enough time to be ready for your deadline.

Some courses may start before the orientation week activities.

CourseCourse start dateLast date to register
All UG and PG courses unless listed separately23 January 202313 February 2023
LLB - Year 19 January 202330 January 2023
MSc Environmental Management23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Environmental Management for Agriculture23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Sustainable Planning23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Sustainable Planning and Transport23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Transport Planning23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Transport Planning with Advanced Research23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Water and Environmental Management23 January 202325 January 2023
MSc Physiotherapy23 January 202330 January 2023

Table last updated 02 November 2022.

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As a campus-based University, our emphasis is on face-to-face teaching. Where required, we will also be using technologies to deliver rich and high-quality teaching through guided-learning, live interactive sessions or pre-recorded content to give the best possible student experience.

You can also read more start of term content to know what to expect from university life.

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