Life on campus

Pay your fees

What to do in your first week

  • Make sure you know where your classes are - download the Herts Mobile app for an interactive map -
  • Understand your bills - search council tax exemption on
  • Check if you need to register with the police - use
  • Set up a bank account. Information on popular banks in the UK and how you can sign up with them can be found on page 40
  • Register on your course and check your timetable
  • Register yourself with the NHS (National Health Service) - visit the University doctor’s surgery on College Lane, and other support services on campus
  • Collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • Get a UK sim card for your phone.
  • Find out more about the Sports Teams at the University via the Athletic Union (Herts Squad)
  • Visit the Students' Union to find out about joining societies
  • If you are living on campus, then check in to your new room; if you have any queries with your accommodation contact the International Office or the Accommodation team -

Our campuses

Download a PDF copy of the maps of our campuses that you print out and bring with you on your travels.

College Lane is home to our science and creative arts subject areas. The following schools are located on this campus: School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, School of Life and Medical Science, School of Health and Social Work, and School of Creative Arts.

In addition, this is home to many of our student services, as well as our International Foundation College.

1. Film, Music and Media Building
2. Fashion Teaching Building
3. Main Reception
4. Ask Herts Hub (Innovation)
5. Engineering Department
6. Science Building
7. LRC (Library)
8. Hertfordshire International College
9. Wright Building
10. Hutton Hub including Ask Herts Hub (Hutton)
11. Hertfordshire Students' Union
12. The Oval Accommodation Hub and 24/7 Gym
13. Elehouse: Bar and Grill
14. Multi-Faith Space (The Key)
15. Entertainments Complex including Starbucks, Subway and Restaurant

de Havilland is home to four academic schools of study: Business, Law, Education and Humanities. Here you’ll also find our extensive Sports Village and our main performing arts venue; the Weston Auditorium.

1. Law Building
2. Enterprise Hub (Opened March 2020)
3. LRC (Library)
4. Accommodation
5. Weston Auditorium
6. de Havilland Restaurant
7. Multi-Faith Space
8. Main Teaching Building including Ask Herts Hub (de Havilland)
9. 25 Metre Swimming Centre
10. Hertfordshire Sports Village
11. Sport Science Building (Opening 2020)

Take a look around

Moving to a new University can be a daunting process however, we're not a big as you might think. Once you get a feeling for campus you'll find your way around quite easily. Here's some of our facilities that you might use during your studies.

Safety measures on campus for 2020/21

Both our campuses, College Lane and De Havilland, will be open from September ready to welcome you at the start of the new academic year. We pride ourselves in putting our students first, preparations are therefore well under way to ensure a safe learning and social environment is ready for you to enjoy when you arrive on campus. We have now created a roadmap which sets out the key stages we will follow for our return which you can view here.

As part of our wider plans to return to campus, and to enable us to deliver high quality, face-to-face teaching, from September students and staff will be required to wear face coverings where it is not possible to maintain a distance of two metres.

Wearing a face covering has become part of many of our daily lives, in the shops and on public transport, and this will be the same when you come to Herts this year.

Wearing your face covering

When you arrive at University, we will provide every student and member of staff with a reusable and washable University face covering. Read our FAQs on how to collect your face covering.

Face coverings

You will need to wear your face covering where social distancing isn’t possible. This includes any indoor areas of campus such as communal spaces and corridors, as well as enclosed public spaces, such as the LRCs, Chapman lounge and de Havilland Atrium.

Our lecturers can also wear face coverings or face shields in teaching spaces, and you will see members of staff at receptions, in our catering outlets and other key areas across the University doing the same.

There will be some students and staff who cannot wear a face covering for a health or disability reason. We should all be considerate and understanding towards those who cannot wear a face covering. If you feel that you are unable to wear one, an exemption card will be made available to you. If you would like to discuss how you can get an exemption card, you can find out more by contacting Student Wellbeing.

For full details and answers to your questions about face coverings, please read our FAQs.

Shared Responsibility

We are committed to supporting and promoting the health and wellbeing of our community. It is expected that staff and students will respect the decisions made by members of our community to protect themselves and each other.

Our new student charter

Every year the University and Hertfordshire Students’ Union publishes our student charter. This sets out individual and shared commitments between the University, the Students’ Union and our students to ensure they can make the most of their experience at Herts. This year our charter has been updated to include new shared commitments to ensure we keep everyone in our community safe and well. These new commitments ask us all to act prudently, safely, and in accordance with Public Health, NHS and Government advice. The new charter is now available to view here.

New campus signage

Below is a selection of the new signage implemented throughout the University to help you easily and safely navigate campus.

Remember, face coverings are one of a series of measures we are introducing to keep safe on campus. From enhanced cleaning regimes and increased signage, you can read more about our new safety measures below:

  • New signage to help you navigate the campuses, including one-way walking routes
  • Social distancing measures in our buildings and around campus, such as 2 metre markers and spaces within teaching spaces and specialist facilities
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes across all university buildings
  • Additional advice on hand-washing
  • Queuing marshals
  • Ensuring on-campus accommodation meets the latest government guidelines
  • A support service if you feel worried or notice that others are not following social distancing rules

We will be developing these plans further so please keep an eye out for future updates about what we are doing to make sure you have the best start of your term.

Student support

At the University of Hertfordshire we want to make sure your time studying with us is as stress-free and rewarding as possible. We offer a range of support services, from childcare to counselling, ensuring that you make the most of your time at Herts and can focus on studying and having fun.

Next steps

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Important things to consider