Cost of living

Pay your fees

When travelling to the UK to start your degree, remember to bring enough funds to cover the cost of living plus all your fees (including tuition and accommodation fees).

You will need access to funds until you have registered at the University and opened a bank account.

It can take 2 - 4 weeks to open a bank account in the UK, so bring a small amount of British pounds (GB£ sterling) for your day-to-day expenses.

Weekly living expenses

We estimate that you will need between £190 and £240 per week for living expenses.

Below is a breakdown of this figure showing average costs.

When calculating your average living costs, remember that:

  • postgraduate degrees run for a period of 50 weeks.
  • non postgraduate degrees run for 37 weeks.
Average living expenses for international students
Type of expenseAverage cost per week
Rent£80 to £176 (depending on location and quality)
Cost for rent will vary depending on if you live on or off campus and in a shared or single room. See cost of campus accommodation.
Utilities: heating/light£20
Costs for heating and light is included if you stay in University campus accommodation.

Other costs

You may also need to find money to cover additional one-off expenses on arrival, or during your time in the UK, for example:

Average one-off expenses for international students
Type of expenseAverage cost
Study equipment (including books)£320 to £740
Personal Computer or laptop£1000
Warm clothing£400 to £450
Trips, holidays and social events£500