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September 2021 Accommodation

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Extended Accommodation offer Terms and Conditions

The University of Hertfordshire recognises that International and EU Students are facing unprecedented challenges and additional costs in relocating to study and live in England. To help these students the University of Hertfordshire is offering assistance of a value of up to £1,000 to all new International and EU students towards their accommodation costs for September 2021. As funds are limited, this is a time limited offer applicable to all new International and EU students (on both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes).

By ‘new’ we mean International or EU Students (‘Applicants’) who currently hold an offer to study on their first course at the University of Hertfordshire and those who have not previously applied for accommodation with the University of Hertfordshire for the academic year 2021/22.

To qualify for this Extended Accommodation offer, Applicants must:

  1. be a new International or EU student who have not previous had or applied for accommodation with the University of Hertfordshire; and
  2. already have accepted their place to study at the University of Hertfordshire; and
  3. make an application for and accept an offer of accommodation from the University of Hertfordshire via the accommodation portal between 17 September 2021 and 25 September 2021,
  4. not be in arrears on their accommodation account at the time of the final term’s invoice; and
  5. remain eligible for University of Hertfordshire accommodation for the full term of the accommodation licence, and
  6. enter into the accommodation licence for the full term of the accommodation licence (43/43 and 50/51 weeks).

This offer will be applied in the final academic term, before 22 April 2022, when up to £1,000 will be credited to the Applicant’s accommodation account.  If the accommodation licence is terminated prior to the beginning of the final academic term, this offer will not apply (and will not be applied pro-rata to any earlier period that the accommodation was occupied).

Should the University apply its Covid Commitment, in the light of changes in Government or public health guidance, then the maximum amount that an Applicant may receive by way of discount or refund will be £1,000. In other words, an Applicant is not entitled to receive more than £1,000, in an academic year, as a result of both this offer and the Covid Commitment applying to their accommodation.