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January 2022 Accommodation

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Terms and conditions of room discount for Semester B 2022

The University of Hertfordshire is making the following offer subject to the conditions set out below:


  • Rent reduction for new residents of University accommodation of £30 per week (‘the discount’) on de Havilland campus rooms only for the period 22 January 2022 until 16 July 2022.


  • The discount applies to any student who has not had (and does not currently have) an accommodation contract with the University in the academic year 2021/22 (‘New Resident’).
  • The discount will apply to de Havilland campus rooms only.
  • The discount will not be applied to students moving from College Lane to de Havilland.
  • The discount applies to any New Resident who signs a University accommodation contract with a contract start date of  22 January 2022. New Residents may arrive from 4 January 2022 (to accommodate personal circumstances) but the discount will only be applied from 22 January 2022.
  • Semester only rooms also apply for the £30 per week discount.
  • For those students on a Study Abroad package the discount will apply until 28 May 2022 only.
  • The discount will be applied per week until Sunday 16 July 2022 and will not continue beyond this date, regardless of whether the resident stays in University accommodation after 16 July 2022.
  • Should a New Resident move rooms on the de Havilland Campus the discount will continue to apply until 16 July 2022. Should the New Resident move rooms to a different campus during the accommodation period the discount will cease to apply. E.g. If a New Resident decided to move from the de Havilland campus to the College Lane Campus the discount would not apply. The discount will cease at the point the room move takes effect (or the resident takes occupation of the new room).
  • The discount will be applied pro-rata for any part week.
  • The New Resident must remain eligible for University accommodation for the term of their accommodation contract.
  • The New Resident must comply with all other terms and conditions of the accommodation licence and the University’s UPR’s.

How the reduction will be applied to the accommodation account:

  • The discount will be applied proportionately to the New Resident’s accommodation account depending on the payment method.
  • For New Residents paying their accommodation fees in full at the beginning of the accommodation contract period, the discount will be applied at the point at which funds have been received and cleared by the University.
  • For New Residents paying their accommodation fees termly, the discount will be applied at the outset of each term which will typically be done in January 2022 and April 2022.
  • If a New Resident moved from de Havilland to College Lane, the £30pw discount will be applied until they moved to College Lane. The accommodation account will be adjusted accordingly and the New Resident invoiced for any additional accommodation fees incurred.
  • The New Resident will be liable for the accommodation fees for the full duration of the accommodation contract.