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Working in the UK

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How many hours can I work?

Most students entering the UK on a Student Visa are permitted to work.

If you are studying on a course at degree level or above then the maximum number of hours you can working during term time is 20 hours per week.

If you are studying on a course below degree level, which includes foundation and our Pre-Sessional English courses, then the maximum number of hours you can working during term time is 10 hours per week.

Your vignette or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) will tell you how many hours you are allowed to work each week.  Paid or unpaid work will count towards your working hour limit.

If you are in doubt about your working hours limit, or you think there is an with the number of permitted working hours then check with the International Student Support team before you start working.

Work placements

Many of our courses include an optional work placement opportunity, allowing you to obtain industry experience in the UK as part of your degree programme.

This is permitted on a Student Visa, and you can work full time during your placement only if this is part of your degree programme. The placement will also have to be approved by the University.  There are some work placements which are prohibited – contact the Compliance team at the University for more information.

Breaches of working conditions

Students in the UK on a Short Term Study visa are prohibited from working in the UK, either paid or unpaid.

Working without permission or working in breach of your working conditions is a criminal offence. If the University has any concerns about students working illegally in the UK or breaching their visa conditions, we will report these concerns to the Home Office.

Your employer also has a responsibility to check your eligibility to work in the UK.  You should have a 'Right to Work' check carried out by your employer at the start of your employment.

Find out more about your right to work in the UK.

Working in the UK

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