How can I present with confidence?

Making successful presentations

Students often spend time preparing the content of an assessed presentation but not the actual talk itself. Talking too fast whilst facing the wall with hands in pockets is not a suitable method of presenting. This workshop will provide you with strategies you can use to prepare and execute an effective presentation.

In this 2 hour workshop we focus on:

  • How do you prepare for your presentation?
  • How can you create suitable visuals to accompany your talk?
  • How do you ensure your body language is appropriate?
  • How can you respond to questions from the audience?

You will have the opportunity to practice: either bring in a short presentation you have already prepared or you will be given time to plan and present informally in class.

Booking a place on this workshop


The AESSD workshop programme will begin again on 15 October 2018 on the College Lane campus. Details of the sessions for this workshop will be published to this website once confirmed. In the meantime, please email if you would like more information.

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