Driving and transport

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Travelling around Hatfield and further afield is very easy. Most of the UK is accessible by public transport, with train, bus and cars being the most commonly used methods of transport. You can reach London in 25 minutes by getting the train from Hatfield Station to Kings Cross Station.

As always there are rules that you will have to adhere to when travelling. You must hold a valid driving licence to drive in the UK. For further information on the validity of driving licences issued outside the UK, please refer to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or the UKCISA guidance on driving in the UK.

We also advise that you read and follow the government’s latest safer travel guidance before starting your journey.

Train travel

The nearest train station is Hatfield Train Station. This is a National Rail station with access links to London King's Cross and London Moorgate on direct trains. Upon arriving in London, you'll be able to travel on the London Underground.

If you wish to travel to St Albans by train, you may be required to go into London and then back out to St Albans, so it might be quicker to travel by bus or in a taxi.

Discounts for travel

To make your travel around Hatfield, Hertfordshire and London as affordable as possible, you should make sure that you take full benefit of the range of discounts available to you to save money and still see all you can.

Tickets for travel can be purchased online or at bus or train stations.

These cards enable you to save 1/3 on many normal adult fares, but check conditions before purchasing.

The University also owns its own bus company which allows for cheap travel around the county for students.