Lab and workshop fees

Student in lab

Courses are split into two categories – classroom based courses and lab/workshop based courses.

Undergraduate courses that include lab or workshop based study have separate tuition fees to help cover some of the materials used during your course.

Courses with lab or workshop based fees are listed in the table below.

If your course is not listed below it does not automatically mean that it is exempt from the fee.

Please check when you apply for your course to see if it includes lab or workshop based study.

Lab and workshop fees for undergraduate international students
School of Study Course 2017/18 tuition fee Full payment discount
Computer Science
Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) BSc
Computer Science (Networks) BSc
Computer Science (Software Engineering) BSc

Computer Science BSc

Information Technology (Business Systems) BSc

Information Technology (Entertainment Systems) BSc

Information Technology (Web-based Systems) BSc

Information Technology BSc
£11,850 £500
Creative Arts
3D and 2D Animation BA

Audio Recording and Production BSc

Contemporary Applied Arts BA

Engineering Product Design BSc

Fashion BA

Film and Television Documentary BA

Film and Television Entertainment BA

Film and Television Fiction BA

Fine Art BA

Graphic Design and Illustration BA

Industrial Design BA

Interactive Media Design BA

Interior Architecture and Design BA

Model Design BA

Music Composition and Technology BSc

Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games BSc

Music Technology BSc

Photography BA

Product Design BA

Song writing and Music Production BSc

Sound Design Technology BSc
£11,850 £500
Engineering and Technology
Aerospace Engineering BEng & MEng

Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology BEng & MEng

Aerospace Systems Engineering BEng & MEng

Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng & MEng

Aerospace Technology with Management BSc

Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies BSc

Automotive Engineering BEng & MEng

Automotive Engineering with Motorsport BEng & MEng

Automotive Technology with Management BSc

Honours Computer and Network Technology BSc Honours

Digital Communications and Electronics BEng & MEng

Digital Communications and Electronics Digital Film and TV Technology BSc

Digital Systems and Computer Engineering BEng & MEng

Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng

Film and TV Production BSc Honours

Mechanical Engineering BEng & MEng

Motorsport Technology BSc

Honours Multimedia Technology BSc Honours
£11,850 £500
Health and Social Work  
Paramedic science BSc

Social work BSc
£11,850 £500
Life and Medical Sciences
Biochemistry BSc

Biological Sciences BSc

Biomedical Science BSc

Biotechnology BSc

Dietetics BSc

Environmental Management BSc

Geography BSc

Human Geography and Environmental Management BSc

Molecular Biology and Genetics BSc

Pharmaceutical Science BSc

Pharmacology BSc

Pharmacy MPharm

Physiology BSc

Psychology BSc

Sport and Exercise Science BSc

Sports Studies BSc

Sports Therapy BSc
£11,850 £500
Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics
Astrophysics BSc

Astrophysics with Scientific Computing BSc

Physics BSc

Physics with Scientific Computing BSc
£11,850 £500