UH Graduate Scholarships

Female student in a class roomThe value of the UH Graduate Scholarship is a 20% tuition fee reduction.

The Scholarship has been set up in recognition of the importance of our alumni community to the University and is awarded to University of Hertfordshire undergraduate students who return to study for all postgraduate taught course and research degrees.

Do I need to apply?

No. There is no need to apply for the UH Graduate Scholarship – it will be automatically awarded if you are eligible and your tuition fee will be reduced accordingly.

Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria

The University of Hertfordshire Graduate Scholarship is available to self-funded University of Hertfordshire graduates* (UK/EU and international) for their first full year of full-time or all years of part-time (UK/EU only) postgraduate or research degrees at the University.

The Graduate Scholarship is available to students who have

  • graduated from a University of Hertfordshire undergraduate degree (either studied in the UK or at a partner institution overseas) and are starting a new postgraduate taught course at the University.
  • Or
  • graduated from a University of Hertfordshire undergraduate or postgraduate degree (either studied in the UK or at a partner institution overseas) and are starting a new research degree (PhD) course at the University.

The value of the Graduate Scholarship will be a fee deduction equivalent to 20% of the tuition fee due for the first year of full-time postgraduate study and (for UK/EU students only) 20% of the fee due for all years of part-time postgraduate or doctoral  study. However in all instances, the Graduate Scholarship is not applicable to tuition fees due for repeating modules.

The Graduate Scholarship is available for a range of postgraduate taught programmes offered by the University. These include Masters awards, those at Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma level (but excluding the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), the Certificate in Professional Studies, some vocational or professional practice certificates and short courses). It is not available for MSc Global Business.

If the eligibility criteria is met, this scholarship will be awarded to a University of Hertfordshire undergraduate for the first postgraduate or doctoral programme of study undertaken only. If subsequent postgraduate or doctoral programmes are undertaken they will be charged at full price.

Graduates must:

a) have been offered and accepted a place on a full-time or part-time (UK/EU only) award-bearing University of Hertfordshire  programme


b) be paying the full cost of the tuition fee from their own resources (including a Career Development Loan) direct to the University of Hertfordshire, and not sponsored for any part of the fee by an organisation such as an employer, charitable body or government department. (Any contribution by an external organisation to the student's living costs, or a contribution from the student's family to the fee or living costs, does not count as sponsorship under this scheme.)

International Students who are successfully awarded the UH Graduate Scholarship are still eligible for the £500 tuition fee discount if they pay in full at registration.

International Students will only be able to claim either UH Graduate Scholarship OR for the International Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Candidates will be required to meet all conditions of registration before the Scholarship is awarded.

See the application guidance notes for further conditions.

*A University of Hertfordshire graduate is defined as anyone who has graduated from a undergraduate programme of study (at any time and in any location) and holds an award either of the University of Hertfordshire or of the former Council for National Academic Awards (for a CNAA first degree or other CNAA award) obtained at the former Hatfield Polytechnic or one of its precedent institutions.