Call for Papers for the 2nd Special Issue: 5.2 The Space of Luxury

Editor: Shaun Borstrock, University of Hertfordshire

How sustainable is a luxury model dictated to by fashion and business, which requires ever-larger segments of the global population to consume and produce luxury, in faster cycles? What are the costs of continuing along this trajectory, and indeed what are the forces that create and fulfill the desire for luxury, and that uphold its existence in a variety of incarnations along a continuum stretching from the bespoke and rarefied to "new" luxury?

The irony of the "democratization" of luxury is subject to analysis as is the mythology of labor, upheld by marketing, media and public relations where ground level operations in stores are aspirational and while production, which happens a layer below the surface, is obscured. It is at the level of production where artisans practice their craft and where others perform labor. It is here that costs may be cut and workers deskilled and labor subject to the logic of scientific management. It is also the point at which artisans and factory workers alike may be integrated into the culture and philosophy of the company in a way that enriches their lives.


Authors are invited to submit papers that explore the following themes related to luxury and:

  • History
  • Craft and the handmade
  • Branding, marketing and communication
  • Consumption
  • The retail environment
  • Fashion
  • Site selection and demographic shifts
  • Information technology & support
  • The digital environment
  • Material
  • Sales distribution
  • Sustainability

Make your submission

Manuscripts should be approximately 5000 words and prepared using Intellect Journal House Style which may be accessed here.

Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2019

Manuscripts will not be considered unless they follow Intellect Guidelines.

Journals and published work

We are delighted to announce the upcoming publication of the first of two In Pursuit of Luxury Special Issues of the Journal of Design, Business & Society, published by Intellect. The first, titled 'Producing Luxury' is available here.