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The debate surrounding luxury is far from new. Are traditional definitions of luxury relevant in today's global fashion marketplace? What do we understand by the term luxury and can it or should it be applied to all luxury branded goods? Does contemporary branding allow such goods to remain 'luxurious' even though they have been mass-produced?

We know a great deal about luxury management within the creative industries from the corporate standpoint but far less is known about those who work in sales, and even less is known about luxury crafts-persons and factory workers. What are the demands and constraints placed on these individuals who perform luxury labour? How do they experience their work? How do they view their roles and the products they sell and produce within this sector? How do they view the luxury enterprise?

By discussing the history of luxury against the backdrop of contemporary issues, a familiar debate is extended into unfamiliar contexts. In this new and dynamic juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated market cultures and the labour market, significant inter-relationships are proposed and explored to expand the parameters of the debate around the concepts of luxury.

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