About us

IPOL is a professional association housed at the University of Hertfordshire whose mission is to engage in a global dialogue with academia and industry on questions related to luxury, ranging from the idea of luxury as a concept, the experience of luxury and its relation to self and society, and its existence as a material object in the global economy. Issues we explore include, but are not limited to the origins and history of luxury, philosophical thought on the subject, luxury as a practice in the creative industries and business, the creation, design, manufacture and production of luxury, the intersection of luxury and technology, the retail environment, sustainability and waste, marketing, branding and communications.  IPOL has established a presence through conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, development of innovative courses and academic programs. We have an IPOL organising team and members from industry, academia and individuals referred to as IPOL delegates.  To apply for membership in IPOL please contact Nick Thomas providing a statement of your background, interests and areas in which you wish to contribute.

For further information about the organisers, click on the names below

Dr. Shaun Borstrock

Branding, global strategic planning, technology, and fashion

Dr Chiara Colombi

Design and Innovation Cultures

Dr. Veronica Manlow

Business of fashion, fashion retail and labour.

Dr Silvio Carta

Architecture, space, technology and big data.

Nick Thomas