Night at the Vet College - Animal Athletes

You are invited to a free evening of fun science and this time our theme is all about Animal Athletes!

(This event is designed for adults/secondary age pupils therefore we would not recommend it for families).

  • Visit the RVC site in Camden, Thursday, March 17th, 17.30-22.00 (drop in event) for an evening of activities including:
  • Compare animal anatomy in our Museum and anatomy demo area
  • The highlight- dissection event; tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • Meet RVC scientists who are pioneers in the field of animal physiology
  • Learn about some extinct animal athletes with Professor John Hutchinson of the Structure and Motion lab, most recently seen on 'Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur', BBC
  • Professor Renate Weller will be explaining why the horse is the Ultimate Athlete
  • Learn how sensors are used to determine optimal jockey positions with Dr Anna Walker
  • Professor Dominic Wells will be demonstrating muscle physiology and showing how antelopes' bodies are adapted for movement compared to goats
  • Find out how bones change according to the force they have to withstand, with scientists from Professor Andrew Pitsillides' team
  • Learn about muscle types with Dr Sarah Channon
  • See how tendons work with Dr Amy Barstow
  • Use a pressure pad to see how your feet cope as you walk or jump
  • Hear about a baby T Rex art-science project with Dr Lauren Sumner-Rooney and researchers from the Structure and Motion lab
  • Science comedian Simon Watt will be joining us for the first time!
  • Speak to Veterinary nurses from the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, and find out how they cope with animals in need of healthcare
  • See how your own physiology compares with some amazing animal examples

Our bar, with drinks at student prices, will be open all evening

Guided campus tours

Find out about studying at RVC; veterinary medicine, nursing, bioveterinary and biological sciences

The ever popular pub quiz!

Places are free but capacity is limited, so book and join us on Thursday March 17th!

This event is funded by The Physiological Society. The event is free but donations to the Animal Care Trust will be welcomed on the evening.


The Royal Veterinary College
Royal College Street
United Kingdom