Runners-up in flare 2012/13

Melanie Stevenson and Caitlin Smaill

The owners of Art Therapy4All with their stand at Flare.

Art Theapy4All

Hoping to offer an alternative to traditional counselling, Art Therapy graduates Melanie and Caitlin set up their social enterprise Art Therapy4All. Art therapy uses art as a vehicle for expression and communication to help improve individuals’ emotional and mental wellbeing. Melanie and Caitlin’s business provides subsidised art psychotherapy to organisations and individuals that may not be able to otherwise afford it.


Tawanda Kunzekweguta

Close up of Tawanda's Face

Artz Exchange

Artz Exchange is the brainchild of Creative Arts student Tawanda. A creative platform which showcases student artwork through live exhibitions, networking events and digital media, Artz Exchange allows customers to view, purchase and commission bespoke pieces of work.


Anamaria Tudor and Mustafa Gecmen

Balmond Wholesale Ltd.

Flare Balmond Wholesale Ltd.stand at Flare

Computer Science graduate Mustafa teamed up with Human Resource Management graduate Anamaria to launch their confectionary business Balmond Wholesale Ltd. The pair import and sell authentic Turkish Delight from internationally renowned manufacturer Gulluoglu. They currently supply the largest range of Turkish Delight in the UK, allowing their customers the opportunity to purchase a perfect combination of flavours through a unique ‘pick n mix’ online feature.


Chantelle Georgiou


The owner of ODDLEYS at her stand at Flare.

Inspired by London street fashion, Marketing student Chantelle is in the midst of creating her own alternative clothing range ODDLEYS. The line will first launch with a signature range of ‘odd but matching’ socks, for example fish and chips, cats and dogs etc. and will progress to include t-shirts and sweatshirts.


Tom Ford

Select Library Music

Select Library Music owner at his stand at Flare.

Turning his passion for music into a business, Music Composition graduate Tom entered the competition with his online music publishing and distribution company Select Library Music. The business provides high quality but cost effective, royalty-free stock music to companies for TV, radio, advertisements and corporate videos.


Greg McClarnon

Splaat MediaSplaat Media owner with his stand at Flare.

After turning his creative hobby into a profitable business, Greg entered flare with his company Splaat Media, a professional photography service for school drama productions and events. The Business student ‘captures a memory’ by taking photographs during dress rehearsals and later turning them into eye-catching displays for production nights, allowing parents to purchase photo products as reminders of their child’s achievement.


Michael Arcangeles

Vabbl TechVabbl Tech owner with his stand at Flare.

Inventive Computer Science student Michael hopes to revolutionise language translation with his innovative lip reading app, Vabbl Tech. Once fully developed, the Vabbl app will provide accurate and real-time speech to text translation for the hearing impaired. The app will also have a transcription and note taking service for professionals.