2010/11 flare runners-up

Matthew Harris – Auroch

Matthew, a UH Business Economics graduate, brought us his idea to revolutionise the way we cook meals at home. He wants to create and brand kitchen appliances that will mean users utilise ‘Sous Vide’ cooking techniques in our kitchens. ‘Sous Vide’ is a method of cooking that is currently limited to catering kitchens and has been championed by world-class chefs like Heston Blumenthal.

Madhusudana Ramakrishna – EarningsCast

MSC Finance & Corporate Governance student Madhu founded EarningsCast, a new way for investors to receive information about the companies they hold stakes in. His idea is to revolutionise the traditional ‘earnings call’ and use social media to broadcast this information in an easier to manage format.

James Thatcher, Joe Chaney, Dan Willy and Michaela Binger – Garb

Creative Arts students ‘Garb’ team took part in the competition having won the ‘Creative Entrepreneurs Challenge’ at UH. They want to open a fancy dress shop on campus that will serve students late into the night. Their concept of a ‘Mystery Box’ ensures that they will not let left-over stock affect their profitability.

Tom Ford – Invigilators

Music student Tom Ford and his friend Richard Macklin joined the flare competition to help kick-start their all-in-one music production company ‘Invigilators’. Their service will manage artists and tracks from composition stages right until marketing and even selling to the end user. They promise their business will revolutionise and revitalise a market that is already in decline.

James Natolie – PartyMouth

James Natolie’s business ‘PartyMouth’ is a one-stop-shop for nightlife. His business will offer users the opportunity took book taxis, club tickets, restaurant tables, concert tickets etc in one smart-phone app, to ensure you have your whole night planned with maximum convenience. James is a BA Music student at the University of Hertfordshire.

Philip Skinner – UK Sports Coaches Network

As a qualified badminton coach and Sports Science graduate, Philip has identified a gap in the market for coaches to advertise their services on one large hub. The UK Sports Coaches Network will allow athletes of all abilities to find local coaches that can help them improve their abilities.