man looking at tabletHow you can recover, learn from mistakes, and grow in the workplace is much sought after skill by employers. Your ability to handle uncertainty and stand strong in difficult times is an essential skill that will help you throughout your career

Resilience with Max Simons

In the professional world, resilience can make all the difference in where you work, how you work, and your progression within that organization. Resilience is a skill that will not only give you an advantage in business, but in life!

Max graduated with a degree in BA (Hons) Creative Music and Technology from Brunel University before starting his sports career as a professional basketball player and traveling the world. During his adventures spanning four continents, he founded Team Flight Group nine years ago which helps teams enhance optimum performance in Business, Sports and Entertainment.

Develop resilience skills

Visit the Resource Section in Handshake to help you develop your resilience skills. You'll find support on:

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  • How to improve your resilience
  • Emotional intelligence & the link to resilience
  • Relaxation