Time Management and Planning

students at table in student centre Time management and planning is demonstrating your ability to:

  • Plan and successfully complete tasks and deadlines whilst considering any possible obstacles
  • Use technology productively to help to prioritise and monitor work
  • Communicate plans and progress effectively to others
  • Review work in order to make improvements for future tasks or projects

Time Management and Planning with Nayiri Keshishi

Time, one of those things we can’t get enough of! Your time is often in high demand whilst working and as the demands build so does the pressure, you’re under. Therefore, setting clear goals and prioritising your workload is an important step in time management and planning to reduce the pressure you are under. Effective time management and planning is the productive use of your day that allows you to finish your work, with less effort, and make the most of the limited time you have.

Nayiri is a Learning & Development Professional and Career Coach, with over 6 years’ experience of delivering employability activities to students from all backgrounds. She loves designing and delivering a variety of training and e-learning to enhance the career prospects of students.

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Develop time management and planning skills

View the Resource Section in Handshake to help you develop your Time Management and Planning skills:

  • What is a project?
  • Agreeing the brief
  • Overview Planning
  • Detailed Planning
  • What are objectives?
  • Types of objective
  • Objective setting action plan
  • The basic concept

Join a charity society

If you want to make a difference to your local area along with developing your planning and organisation skills, why not join a charity society. The Hertfordshire Students’ Union has various charity societies both local, national and international. They are a great place for you to get stuck in and have a real impact on people’s lives!

Here are some of the charity societies you can get involved in:

  • A student division of Antony Nolan, Herts Marrow is here to make an impact to those living with blood cancer. You will be recruiting stem cell donors and organisation charity events to help raise funds for valuable scientific research.
  • THINK is a leading mental health charity, why not get involved and promote a good mental health practice to your fellow students. You will be working with mental health professionals to plan, organise and lead mental health week at the University of Hertfordshire.
  • If you do not find a charity society that suits you, why not sponsor an inactive society. The Hertfordshire Students’ Union has a number of charity societies looking for new leaders.

Visit Blackbullion

An online financial tool to help you sharpens that financial planning and organisation skills that every university student needs. Whether you are looking trying to master personal budgeting or trying to raise the capital for a new business, financial education can make a real difference in your university experience and overall wellbeing. It is also a great skill to show off to your future employers.

Blackbullion is free to use for all University of Hertfordshire students with free online modules you can do straight from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace so why not give it a try and build yourself a financially secure future!