students collaboratingIt is important to be able to work with others even if you do not always get along.

Demonstrating teamwork includes:

  • Listening to others
  • Contributing and clearly communicating your ideas
  • Respecting other people's views and ideas
  • Sharing information and expertise
  • Showing commitment to the team and doing what you have agreed to do

Teamwork with Femi Santiago

Teamwork is an essential skill in the workplace. It is integral to the growth, sustainability and prosperity of all that we do and seek to achieve in business. This training aims to empower you with the insight and tools to powerfully take on your designated roles within a team.

Femi is a Professional Coach and Trainer with over 10 years industry experience working with Students and Professionals across disciplines to help them achieve their potential. Femi has an undeniable passion for the support and development of people helping them to achieve and realise their potentials, with the belief that every person should have the opportunity to fulfil their goals and dreams no matter the circumstances of their journey so far.

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Develop teamwork skills

View the below skills packages in the Teamwork Skills section in the online resources to help you develop your team work skills:

  • How teams work
  • What makes a good mentor?
  • What makes teams work?
  • From control to facilitation
  • Team building techniques
  • Roles and stages in development