Commercial awareness

students meetingCommercial Awareness is demonstrating an interest in business and understanding of how an organisation operates; including knowledge about its customers, suppliers, and competition.

Being aware of how an organisation is performing in the current climate as well as potential future trends are also important.

Commercial Awareness with Mona Vadher

Employers expect applicants to understand issues that affect not only their organisation but their industry - this is called commercial awareness. Demonstrating this shows that you are serious about the job, know the issues surrounding it, and can fit into their company. If there is a major catastrophe somewhere in the world, a good candidate will have some idea of how that could affect developments in your chosen sector and company. This training will focus on commercial awareness and why it is important across all industries.

Mona is a multi-award-winning employability expert, her expertise centres around boosting employability prospects, creating educational programmes and networks, raising aspirations, and increasing confidence for young people, from less-advantaged backgrounds to succeed. Mona has extensive experience in higher education and the charity sector, and an in-depth knowledge of trends relating to the UK skills agenda.

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Develop Commercial Awareness

Use library resources to research companies

Do you need to find all the companies in a sector within a geographical area? Would you like to research a sector so you can impress your future employers at interview? Do you want to find out independent facts and news about a company to prepare for your application or interview? See the Researching Companies page where you can gain further knowledge about a company or sector. You can also watch the Researching Companies Video Playlist in the University of Hertfordshire Library channel on YouTube.

Access industry reports

You can gain valuable information about different industry sectors by heading to the resources section of Handshake, and accessing industry reports under ‘my learning.’ The Industry reports section include SWOT analysis, trends, and top companies, to help you evaluate career options within a specific industry and prepare for the interview process.