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Our careers platform, Handshake, is a quick, easy and free way to connect with our talented students and graduates. You can use it for a variety of recruitment activities, including:

  • Advertise your opportunities, with the option to target the students and graduates that you want to receive applications from. You can also track applications within the platform.
  • Sign up for our virtual events, including our careers fairs.
  • Promote your own scheduled events to our students.
  • Encourage our students and graduates to read your company reviews and testimonials.

Join over 900 universities and 425,000 employers and receive all the benefits Handshake offers, by signing up . Our short tutorial video  runs through the sign up process.

If you are already using Handshake, don’t worry about creating a new account – you can use your current login information. Once you are logged into the platform, follow this simple process:

  • Click ‘Institutions’ on the left-hand menu
  • Click ‘More Institutions of Handshake’ tab
  • Select ‘University of Hertfordshire’
  • Click ‘Request’


If you have questions about any of the recruitment services we offer, including our tailored solutions, please complete our enquiry form and one of the team will be happy to support you.